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    Rope Access Maintenance

    Installation/Maintenance in High Rise Buildings/Historic structures o Glass replacement
    o Leak testing
    o Gasket/pressure plate replacement
    o Lights/aircraft warning lights installation o Lightening protection system installation o Banner installation
    o Façade cleaning
    Corrosion control services.
    o Legs and derrick painting & color coding
    o Marine & Offshore unit hull structures and Living Quarters external surface preparation [power tooling (SSPC), hydro blasting & abrasive blasting] and painting
    o Anode installation/replacement
    o Maintenance of Silos/Storage Tanks o Marine growth removal
    o Derrick washing and cleaning o Derrick repair services
    Leg anode/Jetting line/leg ladder/aircraft warning light installation/replacement. Marine & Offshore unit Welding defect rectification
    Derrick flood light/warning light/CCTV system/electricalPOR fittings –
    Cable installation/insulation services


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    PWSIX is a company that is committed to helping its customers achieve its goals in various activities: construction, inspection, maintenance for the offshore energy sector, NDT Services, Painting, Rope Access, Labor Services. We operate particularly in the oil industry, providing a service that in addition to innovative and differentiated, corresponds to the requirements of the market, both national ly and international. In which we provide you with professional and highly trained personnel around the world and Visa Services, where you enjoy a great reputation and prestige for over a decade.

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