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    PWSIX, LDA is providing the Visa Services for more than a decade. We will ensure that your visa and application process runs smooth and sound.

    Letter of Invitation
    Border Visa
    Work Visa / Long-term permit/ Work Permit

    We are aware of all the latest requirements and amendments of the local work permit process.

    We provided the full support required at each stage of creating an offshore entity and always try to offer the best possible prices. Mostofour new clients are referred by previous satisfied customers.


    Why choose us?

    PWSIX is a company that is committed to helping its customers achieve its goals in various activities: construction, inspection, maintenance for the offshore energy sector, NDT Services, Painting, Rope Access, Labor Services. We operate particularly in the oil industry, providing a service that in addition to innovative and differentiated, corresponds to the requirements of the market, both national ly and international. In which we provide you with professional and highly trained personnel around the world and Visa Services, where you enjoy a great reputation and prestige for over a decade.

    Dedicated Team
    Global Know-How
    Focus on Innovation